Save the Shorebirds

Shorebirds, often referred to as "wind birds," are renowned for their remarkable migratory journeys, spanning from the Arctic Circle to southern South America. Unfortunately, nearly half of North American shorebird species are currently experiencing population declines due to various complex factors. These elegant avian travelers rely on high-quality shallow water and mudflat "stopover" locations in our region to refuel during their demanding spring and fall migrations.

Delta Wind Birds, a registered nonprofit organization under 501(c)(3), is committed to the preservation and creation of wetlands. Their mission encompasses promoting ecotourism and raising awareness about migratory birds and their habitats. While their initiatives frequently center on shorebirds, often called "wind birds," in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley, their efforts also benefit a diverse range of bird species, including ducks, herons, egrets, ibises, spoonbills, storks, terns, and warblers.

Delta Wind Birds' core objective is to encourage the establishment of high-quality stopover wetland habitats for birds on privately owned working lands. Simultaneously, they work to conserve existing natural wetland habitats and increase public awareness of the significant role wetlands play for both birds and people.

By employing incentive programs and conducting scientific research, Delta Wind Birds actively contributes to the creation of temporary "pop-up" wetlands on operational farms. These temporary wetlands serve as crucial bird habitats during migration periods while also aiding in soil conservation and mitigating water pollution.

Save the Shorebirds!

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