XYZ Conservation Society | Birdhaven Creations Profile

Protecting wildbird populations has been part of XYZ's mission even before the official establishment of the Society. Outrage over the slaughter of millions of wildbirds, particularly egrets and other waders, for the millinery trade led to the foundation, XYZ Society in 1896. By 1898, state-level XYZ Societies had been established in Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, Illinois, Maine, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Minnesota, Texas, and California. 

Climate change is affecting the places that birds need to survive. XYZ's Survival By Degrees report shows that two-thirds of North American bird species could face extinction if we fail to slow the rate of global temperature rise. That's why we support common-sense solutions to reducing carbon emissions, including conserving and restoring forests, wetlands, and grasslands that provide important habitat for birds and serve as natural solutions for storing carbon, and investing in responsibly sited clean energy.

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